Parish Development Model (PDM)

Fellow Countrymen and Countrywomen, under the leadership of National Resistance Movement (NRM), we have laid the foundation for socio-economic transformation by securing the entire country; building roads, hospitals, schools, water sources, dams to generate electricity and other public services. During the recently concluded elections, we promised you that the 2021- 2026 term is going to be a kisanja for creating wealth, jobs and incomes for all Ugandans. In our Manifesto of 2021-2026, the NRM promised to use the Parish Development Model (PDM) as the strategy to reach the homesteads that are still in subsistence economy to support them to join the money economy. These Guidelines, therefore, have been prepared to direct the implementation of this transformative intervention. Through the Parish Development Model, we are going to move the 3.5 million households that are still in subsistence farming to the money economy. Using Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), we have reduced the proportion of homesteads working for only the stomach from 68% in 2016 to 39%. The Parish is going to be the vehicle for data gathering, area-based enterprise selection, provision of financial services, provision of basic infrastructure; particularly roads and electricity, as well as community mobilization and mindset change. The Parish will also be the focal point for services such as soil testing, quality farming inputs, extension services and mechanization. The Parish Development Model will further help us deal with high post-harvest losses, bulking and marketing of agricultural produce, elimination of middlemen that have been exploiting our people by offering low commodity prices and easy access to markets at local, regional and international levels. The Parish Development Model is a whole-of- Government approach to socio-economic transformation in a consolidated and comprehensive way. Through the Parish Development Model, we are going to take Government to the people in a more effective way and receive actionable feedback from the people on wealth creation and Government-provided services to quicken socio-economic transformation. The NRM has identified four Sectors for jobs and wealth creation which the PDM will advance. These are: (a) commercial agriculture; (b) Industrialization; (c) modern services; and (d) information and communications technology (ICT). The implementation of these sectors is going to enable us achieve middle income status at a much faster pace, despite the Covid-19 pandemic that slowed down economic growth. The Parish Chief is going to be the Coordinator of all Government efforts at each of the 10,594 Parishes and will report to the Sub-county Chief (as provided for in Sec 69 in the Local Government Act of 1997). Each Parish is going to have a Co-operative Society through which Government support will be channeled. I urge leaders at all levels to support the implementation of this intervention. H.E. Yoweri K Museveni President of The Republic of Uganda